Friday, May 8, 2015

Nigel Terry RIP

     Following on our earlier post: here's a Guardian eulogy, Nigel Terry obituary: Stage and screen actor known for his roles in The Lion in Winter, Excalibur and Caravaggio:
     Every now and then, a strange and mystical being wanders through the British theatre, and Nigel Terry, who has died of emphysema aged 69, was a prime example. ...
     The wildness came from a deep, still centre. Off stage, in the pub, I remember him rolling his own cigarettes, very slowly, while staring into a pint. As a student, he drove a flatmate crazy with his protracted silences at the breakfast table. “I can’t stand your f[ ]cking moods!” the flatmate exclaimed one morning. Another silence of 10 minutes. “Moods?” Terry muttered, darkly. ...
     Deeply attractive and private to the last, he lived alone in a cottage near St Ives.

     The following video is one nice send-off to him (and also-departed Nicol Williamson as Merlin), who are now in "the land of dreams". (Comparing that level of poignancy and leadership, from Excalibur, with the level of discourse and manners in the just-ended British election campaign, and in the light of a recent "royal birth" and today being VE Day, and Scotland maybe not long for the Union, is up to the reader.) God rest.

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