Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pollard can't get a job?

     Yoni Hersch, Pollard Spends First Shabbat at Home in 30 Years,

     [Jonathan] Pollard will be required to wear an electronic bracelet so his movements can be monitored at all times.

     His computers and those of his employer will be subjected to unfettered monitoring, something his lawyers said could prevent Pollard from starting a job in research at an unnamed New York City investment firm.

     “It’s impossible in 2015 to conduct a serious professional job without use of the Internet,” Lauer explained to Reuters. “The parole commission has imposed a restriction that any Internet use be subject to universal monitoring by the federal government. As a result, since it’s unrealistic to expect any employer to consent to unrestricted, unfettered searching of its computer system by the federal government, in effect, this restriction prevents Mr. Pollard from working gainfully.”
     Lesson: being a spy and traitor is not always good for your resume. Who knew.

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