Thursday, November 12, 2015

SNOOPSPECTRE: Now at a theatre near you

     "The name is Brown. CHARLIE Brown", said the debonair bald-headed spy, then dashingly returning to his mouth the chocolate cigarette he had recently drawn from the gunmetal cigarette case in a pocket of his yellow, black-zigzag-striped dinner jacket.

     The gray-suited, masked beagle, sinisterly staring across a huge green baize table and sitting in a high-backed, luxurious leather chair which mysteriously looked like a doghouse, stroked his small companion sitting in his lap, a yellow bird with razor-tipped talons, as he pondered what evil torture to inflict on the insolent secret agent who had infiltrated his lair. To the canine's additional annoyance, the percussive notes of some hip-sounding jazz music, perhaps Vince Guaraldi, began to play in the distance....

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